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How to Make a Yardage & Greens Book - Premium Bundle

If you want to learn How To Make a Yardage & Greens Book, you'll instantly recieve the following:


  • Lifetime access to our Yardage Book Tutorial Series - 10 Step Video Tutorial on how to make, print, and use your own Yardage Books. 


  • Lifetime access to our Greens Book Tutorial Series - 6 Step Video Tutorial on how to make, print, and use your own Greens Book.


  • 90+ page E-book showing you the exact steps on how to Make a Yardage Book for your course. 


  • Online community forum to interact, share, and print off yardage books made by other members. 


  • Access to our growing (40+) course database, ready for you to download to your phone, or print and use right away! We HIGHLY enourage all members to upload thier own course to the forum so other members can access new courses and share with others. 


  • Support from us whenever you run into road blocks or have questions. We have an extensive How-To section, ability to chat directly with us, or with other members, or send us your design file for help along the way! 


  • Our tutorials show you legal ways to make a yardage or green book on your own, under Rule 4.3 of the revised Rules of Golf. 


  • Our premium bundle is a one time fee. No annual subscriptions. Once you buy it, you can create as many yardage/green books as you desire. 


What is NOT included:


  • We utilize a software program called Affinity Designer from UK based company Serif. This is a powerful graphic design software that is very similar to Adobe Illustrator.


  • Affinity Designer is a one time fee of $39.99 (Desktop Version) or a one time fee of $19.99 (iPad Version) compared to Adobe Illustrators $30/month re-occuring payments. 


  • The current version of our Premium Bundle is made with the Desktop version of Affinity Designer in mind. The iPad version of Affinity Designer is identical (Desktop & iPad version are cross-compatible), however we recommend that iPad users know how to use the gestures and functions of iPad before purchasing our premium bundle, if that is your sole source of editing courses.


  • When you purchase our Premium Bundle, you will get an instant download (sent through email) that is organized and has all of our pre-made templates, which have the settings perfectly set for you to begin creating a yardage book for your course. There is no artistic ability needed to make these courses with our templates!


Affinity Designer can be downloaded on any Mac or Windows computer. For system requirements, please see  Serifs recommendations for the Desktop version, and iPad version




How to Make a Yardage & Greens Book - Premium Bundle

  • 1.) What do I need to make a Yardage or Greens Book?


    After purchasing our tutorial series, you will need the following equipment:


    Required Equipment/Software:


    • Affinity Designer (Desktop $39.99 or iPad Version $19.99) 
    • Computer or iPad
    • Mouse or Apple Pencil
    • Google Earth Pro - FREE
    • Dropbox account - FREE


    Optional Equipment:(Most people print thier yardage books out at a UPS, FedEx, or local print shop)


    • 8.5" x 11" paper
    • 8.5" x 14" paper (for USGA legal yardage books)
    • Printer
    • Booklet Stapler
    • Paper Cutter
    • Round Hole Punch


    2.) How long does it typically take to create a yaradge book?


    This all depends on how much detail you want to include in your Yardage or Greens Book. In our BETA user group, it ranged from 4 - 8 hours after reading our materials from start to finish. After you are comfortable with the processes, this time goes down signifacantly.


    3.) Do I have to be a good artist or have graphic design skills to make a yardage book?


    NO, with our pre-made templates and detailed how to's we show you the exact steps to create your own yardage book. If you can typically stay within the boundaries of a coloring book, you can trace and outline a Yardage Book!


    4.) Can I use Adobe Illustrator? 


    We don't recommend it. There have been several people who have been able to take the concepts and pre-made templates of our program and utilize Adobe Ilustrator instead of Affinity Designer. Having said that, there has been a few file formatting issues that pop up. All of our training materials have the desktop version of Affinity Designer in mind. 

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