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Case Study #3: Collegiate Golfer Review

Currently I am a collegiate golfer working to get to the next level. Being a student athlete is extremely demanding and difficult from all the extensive coursework required by the university as well as competing at your highest level on the golf course. One way that helps me get an advantage on the golf course and over my competition is my extensive pre round course preparation and course management skills.

From setting out a plan of how I want to attack the golf course to learning the best way to approach it, is. I believe proper course management is an essential piece that is wildly overlooked by many players especially for the weekly golfer.

Golf Course strategy

It can be the key to knocking off a few strokes each and every round and possibly achieving new goals as well as beating your friends in a friendly competition.

Before I found Flaghunting, our coach would give us blank yardage books and require us to fill out before each tournament. However, this was always a difficult task as we would have to hand draw the entire course and take all the necessary notes for success while only getting one practice round or the night before to look up the course.

After discovering this program, I have never felt unprepared before a round of golf yet and expect that to continue. By having my own personalized yardage book that is created using google earth, I am able to have confidence in the accuracy and details given to be prepared and give myself the best possible chance for success when playing.

Features I specifically like are the accuracy and similarity you can create from these yardage books because of the availability to personalize it.

Pebble Beach Hole 7

By using google Earth, it allows you to create a professional yardage book that looks like something you would buy readily at the course.

Another piece that stands out to me is the ability to personalize it to like adding desired target locations along with adding color too. It can make your shot selection even easier along with eliminating poor decision making the heat of a round.

The developers also did a really good job by creating a feature for trees. Just about every course has a tree on it and often times need to know the distance to it or how much it can affect the shot selection. When looking at the overall product, the most obvious reason to love or invest in this product, is the ability to create and personalize your yardage book to any course you want. You can do it for any and all courses including the ones the pros play if you really wanted to.

A couple of small negatives I do have, is the amount of time it takes to learn the program and to adjust, and the second is not being able to find an elevation change selection as that can really affect the playing yardage. For the learning time, it is well worth it once you learn it and if you are committed to being better at golf by practicing, you should commit to learning this and improving your game in this aspect as well.

For the elevation change, I have not found the setting that can give that kind of information but it may well be there without my realization.

As I am writing this heading to our conference championship, myself and our team are setting our eyes on winning the championship for the first time in 16 years and to qualify for the National tournament by using these yardage books that we were able to create.

Everyone is extremely happy with them and feels as if we have a true edge on the competition because of the details we are able to add. I am very pleased with this program and the investment has been well worth it and hope to use it for many years to come and continue to edge out my competition.

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