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Yardage Book Cover Review - Ace of Clubs Golf Company

What should you look for when buying a yardage book cover?

That’s the question I asked myself when I started researching yardage book covers recently as I’ve seen an increase in companies offering them for sale. A scorecard holder is not a necessity to play the game of golf and most weekend warriors might question your golf purchases when you show up to the course sporting a brand new yardage book cover instead of a new bag or putter.

But to the diehard golfer, it is part of your identity and has that “cool” factor when you customize it to your heart’s desires.

Ace of Clubs Golf Co

I’ve come up with a couple of questions you should ask yourself when thinking about buying a yardage book cover or scorecard holder, either for yourself or as a present for close friends or family. I plan to highlight several brands so that you can make an informed decision the next time you buy a yardage book cover.


Most companies who specialize in golf accessories are now using a combination of leather, fabric, and stitching as it is long lasting, tough, and ages beautifully over time. But to those of you who are looking for something a little more exotic or with a different material completely, I’d suggest you look at our friends over at Ace of Clubs Golf Company. They caught my eye when they started making holders out of genuine cork bark that can include custom logos from practically any JPEG or PDF file.

Daniel, who owns and operates Ace of Clubs, was kind enough to send us a fully customized cork yardage book holder for a product review and he did not disappoint. Ace of Clubs wanted to start making some of their items from natural, renewable resources to keep them eco-friendly and I must say, the cork is a really cool material when in hand. I honestly have no idea what the process is from start to finish, but take a look at the starting point of his cork products.

Cork Yardage Book Cover