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Tour Striker Planemate Product Review

It's hard to call the Tour Striker PlaneMate a product. It's quite a bit more than just a product. The PlaneMate is a training aid, a training program, a feedback tool, and a top one hundred teaching professional all molded into one simple and easy to use design. If you are tired of training aides that get boring or dusty on your garage shelves after a few weeks, this Tour Striker PlaneMate is likely worth considering.

Tour Striker PlaneMate

What is the Tour Striker PlaneMate?

The TourStriker PlaneMate is a tool created to help you perfect several areas of your golf swing. Most importantly, the takeaway and the transition. For many mid to high handicappers, these two parts of the golf swing can be quite challenging. The PlaneMate allows a golfer to feel these things that teaching professionals have been trying to explain for years.

The theory being the product is that if you can perfect your takeaway and your transition, you should be in a really good spot to hit the golf ball. With the PlaneMate, you will utilize the Resist, Relax, and Rotate method to help improve your ball striking and take your game to the next level.

Packaging and Delivery

The PlaneMate comes in a simple box with all the parts included. There is a bit of setup involved, and it takes less than a few minutes to get this device up and running. The directions are laid out and quite easy to follow. Indeed, nothing to complain about.

Putting It To Use

The Tour Striker PlaneMate offers a seven-day training program to help you learn to properly use this device and implement it into your golf swing. Although we want to give that method a try, we were eager to put the PlaneMate on and give it a few swings.

You simply strap the PlaneMate around your waist (sizing is one size fits all up to 50" waist) and attach one of the resistance bands. The resistance band then attaches to the golf club of choice. You can hit actual golf balls with the PlaneMate on. In fact, that is one of our favorite features of this tool. When you have to practice with something and then switch over to hitting without the help of the device, it never feels quite as effective.

We started with the Green Full Swing band as we thought this would be the best way to give us the overall feeling of using the PlaneMate.

We love the feeling that you get on the takeaway portion. We have not come across another training device that allows you to feel this resistance that great players can understand. Explaining this feeling to an amateur or higher handicap player is very difficult, the PlaneMate explains it with ease.

We tried to feel the Resist, Relax, Rotate methodology that PlaneMate advertises.

When first researching this product, it didn't seem as though the Relax part would feel any different than it does when you are not using the device. This is not the case.

When you make the switch from the Resist to the Relax part of the plan, you can feel how the club relaxes and falls into place. Overall, swinging with this training aide is entirely possible. It is not at all restrictive and helps you to get the feeling that you need in your game.

It's worth mentioning it doesn't matter if you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer the PlaneMate is reversible. The belt is also easily adjusted should you decide to put it on after you visit the 19th hole!

The 7 Day Program

The 7 day program is a plan that TourStriker puts out to help golfers of all levels start to implement these changes into their golf game. We love that in addition to selling a tool, they also want to help the golfer transition the feelings from the tool into their golf game. Not to many companies are doing this, and we applaud them for that.

Interchangeable Resistance Bands

Golf Product Review PlaneMate

The Tour Striker PlaneMate is a long term practice tool. Even low handicappers can benefit from using this tool to help them create more power in their swings. It comes with three interchangeable bands that you can switch out in a matter of minutes.

The first band is a standard green pitch band, and it's designed to help with your short game. Then you also have the green full swing band, which is the band we tried when we tested the PlaneMate; lastly, you get the pro red full swing band.

The pro red provides much more resistance, and its for the more advanced golfer. With the pro red band in, you can feel the difference in resistance. You can tell almost immediately that this is a tool used to help you generate power and control of the club. Practicing with the pro red is indeed a workout and something that even the best golfers would very likely benefit from.

Is It Worth Buying the PlaneMate?

Some swing training devices can feel more like a contraption than a tool to help your golf game. We love the free and easy feeling you have while wearing the PlaneMate. You never feel like you are stuck, and you never feel like your golf swing is restricted. Instead, you feel like you are being guided. The combination of the gentle guide along with the fact that this can work for a wide range of golfers makes this a training device we would certainly recommend buying.


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