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Tour Striker Planemate Product Review

It's hard to call the Tour Striker PlaneMate a product. It's quite a bit more than just a product. The PlaneMate is a training aid, a training program, a feedback tool, and a top one hundred teaching professional all molded into one simple and easy to use design. If you are tired of training aides that get boring or dusty on your garage shelves after a few weeks, this Tour Striker PlaneMate is likely worth considering.

Tour Striker PlaneMate

What is the Tour Striker PlaneMate?

The TourStriker PlaneMate is a tool created to help you perfect several areas of your golf swing. Most importantly, the takeaway and the transition. For many mid to high handicappers, these two parts of the golf swing can be quite challenging. The PlaneMate allows a golfer to feel these things that teaching professionals have been trying to explain for years.

The theory being the product is that if you can perfect your takeaway and your transition, you should be in a really good spot to hit the golf ball. With the PlaneMate, you will utilize the Resist, Relax, and Rotate method to help improve your ball striking and take your game to the next level.

Packaging and Delivery

The PlaneMate comes in a simple box with all the parts included. There is a bit of setup involved, and it takes less than a few minutes to get this device up and running. The directions are laid out and quite easy to follow. Indeed, nothing to complain about.