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PuttOUT Pressure Putt Product Review

You know the feeling. After hitting a perfect drive down the fairway, you pure a measured approach shot and have an 8-footer left for birdie. Three putts later, you’re scratching in a bogey on the scorecard while muttering frustrations to yourself under your breath. Ouch.

Improving your putting is a surefire way to shave strokes off your round. But every golfer knows that putting well takes practice. And outside of hitting a few putts on the practice green before a round and watching putting tips on YouTube, most of us don’t have the chance train this part of our game much. PuttOUT’s Pressure Putt Trainer device aims to change that for golfers, helping you get solid putting practice in anywhere you’d like thanks to a simple, pocket-friendly design and surprisingly effective feature set. Let’s take a look.

PuttOUT Putting Trainer

The Unboxing

PuttOUT’s Pressure Putt Trainer comes neatly packaged and ready to use out of the box. A simple set of instructions are included to help you get started with your putting. Not much more to say here. Just open the box, unfold the trainer and you’re ready to go.

Putt Out Unboxing

Practice Your Putting Aim and Distance, All at Once

Sinking more putts comes down to two things: accuracy and pace. This trainer helps you improve both by simulating the precise conditions of putting into a real hole with what PuttOUT calls its parabolic curved design.

To get started, set up the trainer on any smooth surface and start putting. That’s it. Any putt that rolls over the regulation hole-sized white disc is considered a made putt. Each made putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed. Miss a putt left or right and you’ll have to go get it yourself.

This Feature Has Me Hooked

PuttOUT’s most satisfying feature has to be its perfect putt micro-target. Putts rolled on the perfect line with the perfect pace (hit to continue 18 inches past the hole) will stick to a small, cut-out hole midway up the ramp.

And let me tell you, hitting a perfect putt is harder than it looks. If a putt is even a hair off its line or a smidge off pace, the trainer rolls back your ball for you to try again. Sometimes, it would take me 5-10 minutes of practice before getting one to stick. But it’s now a part of my putting drill that keeps me entertained session after session, and it’s become a fun challenge for me and my buddies on the practice green before our round.

A Solid, No-Brainer Design My favorite golf gadgets are the ones I can take on the go and store with ease. PuttOUT’s slim, foldable design makes it easy to slide into a side pocket in your golf bag or drawer in your office. When you’re ready to practice, unfold the device, take aim and start putting.

In terms of durability, it’s built well. The folding mechanism is well-engineered and should hold up for years to come. The device is built from high quality polycarbonate and comes in five different colors. PuttOUT also offers a roll out practice mat that can be purchased separately.

PuttOUT folded up

Will This Improve My Putting?

About 40% of strokes hit on a golf course are putts. PuttOUT makes it easy to practice this crucial part of the game anytime and anywhere. The ball return on made putts allows you to hit more balls in less time, and the micro-target will keep you dialed in throughout each training session. If you want to finally work on building a consistent, repeatable putting stroke, PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer is a tool that belongs in your bag. Here’s to rolling more of those 8-footers for birdie in the heart of the cup.

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