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The Breakmaster Digital Green Reading Tool Product Review

The Breakmaster Digital Green Reading Tool Review

Lots of golfers have trouble seeing breaks in the green with the naked eye. And most of us regular golfers don’t have caddies who have charted the greens on the courses we play. But the fact remains that most golfers will spend more than half of their shots on or near the green.

In fact, according to Golf Digest, average players spend just over 40% of their shots on putts. And when you combine putts with approach shots, the tandem makes up 60% of all types of shots. So it’s easy to see just how important your short game is in the grand scheme of things.

So what’s a golfer to do? How can a golfer improve their short game? Today we are going to be reviewing a product that is geared toward helping golfers putt more accurately. It’s called the Exelys BreakMaster.

Breakmaster Green Reading Tool

What does the Breakmaster do?

To begin with, it may be helpful to think of the Breakmaster in the simplest terms possible. In essence, the Breakmaster is a level like one you would use to make sure a table or shelf is perfectly straight. The Breakmaster can be placed on any part of the green to tell you which direction the break is going.

The Breakmaster is a small, handheld device with an LCD screen embedded on top. You simply turn the device on, lay it on the section of the green you want break information on and the screen will point an arrow in the direction that the green is breaking.

Breakmaster Golf

A large number will also appear in the center of the screen indicating the degree of slope of the break. For instance, if you lay the Breakmaster down on the green and