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Case Study #2: Professional Golfer Review

Hello! My name is Buster Thomas and I play professional golf mainly on the mini tours. I started using the Flaghunting Premium Bundle a few weeks ago and wow, is it worth it. Since I have had this bundle, my preparation for golf tournaments and even my home courses has been revolutionized. Not only am I preparing better, but I am also remembering the courses better and it has also helped me be more cost effective!

Before, I used to google earth the course, draw out (by hand) the hole on a piece of paper and only write down info about my landing areas and then guess about everything else (not exactly the best plan especially because I can’t draw).

Now, I can use the tutorials, videos, and e-book to make a super accurate yardage book of any course I play. I can make the book exactly how I want it and put in any information that I need to know.

Whether it is carry distances, width of fairways, distances to hazards, green widths and depths, I can put in whatever I want. I don’t have to worry about using a different style of book every time I play or even have to worry about even being able to get a book from the course.

Next, this bundle makes yardage books cost effective for me. I have paid between $20-$50 for a yardage book to play a course for a tournament. Buy a couple books, you’re already over the price if you buy a premium bundle from Flaghunting! You also have access to their forums and can get additional templates and premade books that others have posted!

Flaghunting golf hole

Finally, the best part about having this bundle and making your own books is that I can remember details about the courses that I would forget. I always had a tough time remembering certain details that may be important if you face certain conditions, or I would forget certain holes if I never played the course before or I played it once and I would get uncomfortable. But now, I have “studied” the course by making the books that I can remember those details or I can remember the holes and therefore I can make better swings and lower my scores.

I know what you’re thinking, what are the downfalls? The only one that I can think of is just the growing pains of learning how to use the Affinity Designer software. It takes a little bit of time and a few mistakes but the tutorials are AWESOME to help you learn and they make the process so much easier.

Zach is also super helpful with answering any questions and he gets back to you very fast!

10/10 would recommend this software to anyone who is trying to learn more about their home course or plays in tournaments like myself! It will help you prepare and manage your course better than you are now!

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