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Yardage Book Cover Review - Brickley Golf

One of the beautiful things about learning how to make your own yardage book, is the fact that you can customize it to your own desired level of detail, orientation, and overall look and feel. When I first started to make sketches of the golf courses that I was playing on a regular basis, my DIY yardage book was nothing more than lined paper and scribbles.

Yardage Book Cover Review

Brickley Golf monogrammed my initials on the front cover

As my desire to have them made for the rota of courses I was playing at the time, I began to realize my yardage books were falling apart in the wind and rain of Seattle's wet winters.

I didn’t own a yardage book cover and began to realize that not only would a cover help keep my yardage book dry, the handmade leather covers that I was seeing from a variety of companies were really neat to look at. After I did some initial research I bought my first cover, and loved pulling it out of my bag and into my back pocket before my round started.

Fast forward a couple years and recently, I began noticing quite a few companies promoting their own version of leather yardage book covers. One of those companies, Brickley Golf based out of Eugene, OR caught my eye when they posted on instagram about a Green Jacket” yardage book cover that was posted a few days before the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament. I took a look on their website and emailed them for more information. Jeff Gaskill, responded quickly and was gracious enough to send one over for us to review!

Brickley Golf Cover Review


The shipping box was professionally packed with shredded paper fill along with a branded, fabric sleeve that the cover came in. A tracking number was sent automatically via email when the package was dropped off for shipping and arrived safely when Jeff said it would.

Initial Quality:

As soon as I grabbed the cover out of the fabric sleeve, I was blown away with the dark green sheen that I had seen in pictures. It looked AWESOME. The next thing I noticed was the white stitching that you can tell is carefully done, by a skilled craftsman. The stitching holds together two leather straps, one upper and one lower, that holds pages of your yardage book so you can quickly find the correct hole your on.

Scorecard Holder

One very practical solution that I enjoyed, is the fact that the pencil holder is made from a loop of leather on the bottom portion of the cover. When the cover is folded, it completely hides the pencil and is easy to put away after getting your distances.

You may be thinking I’m just stuffing words into this review, but honestly one of the biggest hangups with other covers that I’ve used is, where they “store” the pencil. On a previous cover, the pencil was held by a leather loop outside of the actual leather flaps when folded and got caught on my pant pocket every time I pulled it out or put it away.


The dimensions of the cover when folded are 4.5” x 7.5”, a perfect fit for scorecards, our "Masters Style Template" yardage books, or a couple spare bills for your weekly skins game.


Brickley Golf monogrammed my initials into the front cover through a heat stamp process. It looks awesome and adds the special touch that you would expect for a high quality golf accessory.

Leather Care:

One of the things that I love about leather, let alone Horween Caviler Leather, is the fact that it ages beautifully and develops a patina that gets better with use and proper care.

Brickley Golf makes sure that each cover is hot stuffed with waxes and oils but they do recommend the following leather care instructions:


You have the option to condition your own leather. Our product is conditioned when crafted, however, proper conditioning of your leather is recommended and is one of the best way to ensure your product will retain the quality appearance and durability. Over time, leather may lose its moisture and become hard and inflexible. Conditioning your cover will help maintain the flexibility of the leather for your scorecard holder and/or yardage book cover.


If you are playing a round of golf in the rain, it is important that you dry your scorecard holder or yardage book cover properly. This entails a natural, slow process. Our recommendation to you, is to lay it out, in room temperature, and let the drying take place naturally and slowly. If you insist on a fast-drying process for your leather, you will damage the chemical structure of the leather. It is also very important, that if you spill any liquid on your leather, to wipe it up immediately.

Brickley Golf Holder


Clean your leather as you desire. This should be done with a soft cloth or micro-fiber cloth. To remove dirt from the exterior of leather we recommend Fiebing's Saddle Soap. This leather cleaner is to be used in moderation by placing a dime size amount on a damp cloth and applying to your scorecard holder or yardage book cover.


$80 - Yardage Book Covers

$65 - Scorecard Holders

$35 - Leather Wallets

Final Thoughts:

I’ll report back after a few months on how it holds up but I am blown away with the initial quality. If you prefer a classic, traditional, and elegant design with fantastic attention to detail and great customer service, Brickley Golf and Jeff Gaskill would be a great option for your game!


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