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Yardage Book Cover Review - Back9B

Disruption. A word often referred to more in tech circles and innovation blogs, than a website dedicated to Golf & Yardage Books, yet that’s the word that comes to my mind when reviewing Back9B’s latest offerings: Golf Pocketbooks.

To begin with, Back9B, is a website dedicated to handmade leather goods, specifically course guide holders, yardage book covers, personalized gifts, minimalist wallets, and more. Depending on the model (they have 2 major styles) you choose you will receive a quality, handmade piece that will age beautifully and be functional on your next golf outing.

Back9B Noonan

When people think of a classic, yardage book cover you almost instinctively know that the midline of the cover folds on a horizontal fashion, think a “flip up” design. Think again. The Noonan from Back9B bucks this thinking and has come out with a pocketbook that folds “vertically” so that when being used, opens “like a book”.

It was this simple fact that I noticed when seeing some of their products on Instagram. Back9B, which for those of you who are wondering if that brand name has any hidden meaning, see what Brandon, the owner said when I asked him that specific question:

“Back9B is a nickname that my best friends gave me while playing golf. They like to kid me about ho my play always improves after making the turn. So typically after making a good shot, one of them would usually mumble “Back9B!”, so I rolled with it”.

-Brandon R. Owner of Back9B

I can definitely relate, but I digress.

The Noonan, fits our own model of yardage book, as well as others, snugly via a leather "flap" on the left hand side of the book. The right hand side features a loop of leather big enough to hold a sharpie/mechanical pencil and works very well. I specially like the horizontal layout when I can view the hole on the one side of the book, and the pin sheet on the other.

I love the red leather that Brandon crafted for me as well as monogramming it with our FLAGHUNTING brand name. The leather is on the "stiffer" side, which is something that I really like when writing my scores on the scorecard. The price is very reasonable at $75.00 and can be designed/personalized on his website.

Something that Brandon is now offering is a free minimalist wallet ($25 value) nicknamed the "The Spackler" for orders of both his Noonan and McAcoy pocketbooks.

Spackler Wallet

McAvoy Yardage Book

The MCAVOY that is reviewed here, illustrates the "typical" style of golf yardage book that can fit yardage books (if you need a yardage book for your course, see our Premium Bundle), scorecards, and pin placement details. Brandon, the owner also allows ALL of his products to be completely customizable from the multiple dye leather colors: Black, Mahogany, Dark Brown, Red, English Bridle (orange), Royal Blue, Golden Brown, Green, Chocolate, and Show Brown.

Back9B Leather Color

You have the option of 16 different thread colors as well. I’d like to point out, that he uses quality, 0.8mm poly Ritza “Tiger” thread so that your book ages beautifully and continues to “just work” for years on end.

Again, all his pocketbooks can be monogramed as well (up to 6 letters) where you specify on his sleek website that works and works well on mobile as well as desktop versions.

Monogrammed Yardage Book

The dimensions of the MCAVOY are 4.25" W x 7.25" H and fit well in my back pocket from multiple brands. He uses 4/5oz vegetable tanned leather, and each pocketbook is sealed and buffed twice during construction with Aussie leather conditioner, which he recommends you apply once a year to not only protect the leather, but also will keep it nice and soft.

I'm really enjoying the products and look forward to seeing the leather age and patina naturally over years of use. Thanks again Back9B!


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