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Yardage Book Cover Review - Back9B

Disruption. A word often referred to more in tech circles and innovation blogs, than a website dedicated to Golf & Yardage Books, yet that’s the word that comes to my mind when reviewing Back9B’s latest offerings: Golf Pocketbooks.

To begin with, Back9B, is a website dedicated to handmade leather goods, specifically course guide holders, yardage book covers, personalized gifts, minimalist wallets, and more. Depending on the model (they have 2 major styles) you choose you will receive a quality, handmade piece that will age beautifully and be functional on your next golf outing.

The “NOONAN” Classic Leather Pocketbook - $75.00

Back9B Noonan

When people think of a classic, yardage book cover you almost instinctively know that the midline of the cover folds on a horizontal fashion, think a “flip up” design. Think again. The Noonan from Back9B bucks this thinking and has come out with a pocketbook that folds “vertically” so that when being used, opens “like a book”.

It was this simple fact that I noticed when seeing some of their products on Instagram. Back9B, which for those of you who are wondering if that brand name has any hidden meaning, see what Brandon, the owner said when I asked him that specific question:

“Back9B is a nickname that my best friends gave me while playing golf. They like to kid me about ho my play always improves after making the turn. So typically after making a good shot, one of them would usually mumble “Back9B!”, so I rolled with it”.

-Brandon R. Owner of Back9B