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Make A Custom, Golf Yardage Book with Software

I remember looking through a bunch of old yardage books that I bought from a variety of courses, trying to find examples that I could use when I made my own.

The problem was, I disliked most of the examples, because they were filled with advertisements, were printed on glossy paper (so I couldn't write notes in it), and honestly didn't have the information that most golfers actually need (like carry distance off the tee, in the 220y - 275y range).

In the examples below, you can see that it would take a rocket scientist to easily digest what the yardage book was trying to tell the golfer:

Tolt Hill Farm Golf Course

I don't blame course operators and general managers for trying to sell advertisements, as a way to offset the typically high price of having a company make a book for their own course.

But, as a competitive amateur golfer, I started creating my own yardage books for the courses that I was playing on a regular basis.

What I found, was multiple people mentioning that you could use inkscape and google earth to create your own, but when I attempted to do that, I felt underwhelmed and wanting something more.

Something with more detail, that looked professional, but didn't cost an arm and a leg. Something that I could produce in a couple hours, print off, and take to the course for me and my buddies.

Flaghunting Software

I've laid out exactly how that process evolved over the years, and you can find out How to Make a DIY Yardage Book, in my previous posts.

I loved working on new yardage books in the off season, and got a big sense of satisfaction when I pulled a yardage book that I had made for a course prior to heading out, to play it for the first time in months. I could look at my notes and start to mentally prepare myself for the shots that I would need to execute off the tee.

I started to gain familiarity with the graphic design software I was using, and started to create templates to cut down on the time spent making them myself.

Yardage Book Software

After a few competitive tournaments, where my playing partners were wondering how I got my hands on a yardage book for a course that didn't sell them in the pro shop, I knew I was on to something that competitive golfers wanted.

The only problem, was how would I teach others to learn the complicated, professional graphic design software, when I had no idea what their level of computer literacy was?

Well, I started creating a manual, that turned into a 93 page E-book that showed my exact process, including pre-made templates and video tutorials showing the steps from using software to outline holes, printing them off, binding the pages together, and using it out on the course.

Complete beginners would download my Premium Bundle, and create a yardage book like the images below in a few days time.

Golf Coach Yardage Book

Collegiate golf coaches, instagram followers, and fellow golf enthusiasts have reviewed our products, loving the fact that its easy to use (even if you have no artistic ability), that they can include as much or as little detail as they want, and the one time fee of $69.00 is a small price to pay to create as many yardage books as you want.

Software Yardage Book

After you purchase our product, head on over to get Affinity Designer, which you can use on your desktop computer (either Mac or PC) or even an iPad, along with our premium bundle to start creating books for the courses that you play on a regular basis.

If you're having any trouble, feel free to reach out to our online community forums of hundred of other users who have done the same thing. I'm always available to take a look at your software files and help out along the way.

If you are curious about how the software works or the process itself, you can watch our youtube video here, to see exactly what you get.

I look forward to seeing the courses that all of our members are creating!

If you have a specific question, please e-mail us at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Flaghunting Golf Yardage Books

Thanks, and happy #flaghunting.


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