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How to Use Your Yardage Book in 2019

The first couple of times I heard PGA Tour caddies talk a shot over with their player, it went something like this:

Player: "What do we have" Caddie: "We're playing this 98 cover, 105 hole. Wind helping us. Playing 110 max." Player: "Light sand wedge, control the spin?" Caddie: “Thats it, love it.”

Google Earth Yardage Book

The conversation above is the scenario that plays out hundreds of times during a tournament, between a caddie and his player, while looking at their booklet that they use every year when they go back to a course.

Yardage Book made with software

With range finders, golf gps watches, apps, and others flooding the market, I find solitude in pulling out my printed paper copy of the local course that I play 3-4 times a year.

For the amateur golfer, a yardage book can be a source of information that can be used to jot down specific notes and your club selection on a specific hole, over time.

There is a local municipal course near me that hosts an amateur tournament every July.

Bellingham Golf Course