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WELCOME to, an online provider of yardage books for courses that YOU play!

You may be here for a variety of reasons:

1.) Your a golf enthusiast looking for an edge to win your club championship or regional tournament.

2.) You've seen the little booklets that PGA Tour pro's and caddies have in their back pocket, and look at before EVERY single swing or putt of the ball.

3.) You play at a course that doesn't produce a yardage book and you want to learn how to make your own for personal use or to give to family and friends.

The good news is your in luck. These are the exact reasons why we created this site, and we are here to help you!

WHO:, is an online golf yardage book resource center featuring a blog, community forum, online tutorials, and support for anyone who wants to shoot lower scores.

WHEN: launched in March of 2017, however we have been perfecting our own yardage books for over two years.

WHERE: We are located in the Pacific Northwest, in Kirkland, WA.

WHY: We believe that a yardage book is an extremely valuable aid that can help golfers ranging from a scratch golfer to a 25+ handicap shoot lower scores, make their round more enjoyable, and look good while doing it.

If you are in the market for a yardage book or want to learn how to create your own yardage book for the courses that you play, you've come to the right place.

Yardage Book for Golf


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